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Whitby Library

Dracula fan fiction and fan art
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A community for fan fiction/fan art based on all incarnations of the story of Dracula.
Welcome to Whitby Library, the livejournal community for Dracula fan fiction and fan art. Whether you like writing/reading about the novel or one of the many adaptations of it, you're welcome here. Post, comment, and, most of all, have fun!

Just a few rules and guidelines to make everything go smoothly:

- Your mods are assimbya and eremon_lass. Please contact them if you have any questions or concerns.

- Please use an lj cut when posting either fic or art.

- We welcome fic of all genres and all ratings, but you must both state the rating of you fic clearly outside of your lj cut, as well as any warnings for possibly triggering material. Remember that everyone has different squicks, and we also may have underage members. Fic and art without warnings will recieve a mod note and will be deleted if the poster does not edit the post.

- No flaming! Constructive criticism is encouraged, but please, be polite.

- If you're posting fan fiction of a version that has some characters from the original story but many others, then your story must include at least one character from the Dracula story. For example, if you are writing League of Extraordinary Gentlemen fan fiction, you may post a story about Mina and Quartermain, but not about Quartermain and Hyde.

- This community is for fan fiction and fan art. Discussion of the Dracula story belongs in another community, as do RPG advertisments.

- Please, at least spellcheck your story before posting it. The use of netspeak is also highly frowned upon.

- No plagirism! If it is found by the mods that you have claimed to have written material that was actually written by someone else, you will be banned.

- Please use roughly this format when posting fic:

Version your story is based on:
Author's Note:

"Welcome to my house. Come freely, go safely, and leave some of the happiness you bring."